Most people think a business is the product or service it supplies. Google is a search engine. Barclays is a bank. At &Evolve, we don’t think so. We believe that a business is people coming together to make something happen. 

The bank or the search engine are just the results of the hard work, dedication and expertise of those people. You don’t work FOR the business...you ARE the business.

&Evolve understand that people who care succeed. It’s not talent that makes us achieve great things, it’s passion. The role of a manager is to inspire those around her to care enough to give their very best. You cannot demand greatness, you must earn it.
When you care about what you're doing you can't help but put your all into it. See what you can do when you believe in your work!


Carole Castle
We could tell you how Carole is an amazing apprenticeship trainer who started her career working in retail management, working in supermarkets, clothing and camping stores, and for over twenty years has worked in management for Argos. We could also tell you how she discovered a passion for training, and helping others to reach their full potential, and how she has focused on learning and development for the last ten years, specialising in leadership and management, team leading and customer service training.

But we'd much rather tell you how in her spare time, Carole is a crown green bowler, an avid reader and she makes all her own jewellery. She is also an amazing cook and regularly treats the team to her latest creation! Carole loves singing and in an alternate universe, would be Suzie Quatro...
Amy Billings

Amy’s worked for 13 years in the Utilities industry where she chose the path of the people because it is there that her passion lies! Starting on the call centre she moved through coaching, training, leadership development, employee engagement and then finally to leading a team of 150 strong in a very challenging, operational environment.

In this role of actually doing the do, in the trenches, on the ground, she got to put it all together to build and sustain a strong team with strong engagement principles underpinning the every day. Relational intelligence put to the test! She just loves helping people find their fit & bring their best, willingly!

Amy is a committed yogi and loves to share this with others as well as all things nature and being out and about! She is a sucker for charity shops and finding ways to bring new love to old things. Most of all though she loves cuddling up with her rescue dog Dottie!

Amrit Sandhar
So what's a former Pharmacist doing heading up an organisation such as this? For those of you who know Amrit, you know he's got one of those analytical minds - always questioning why things work the way they do and challenging the way things are done. His love for data came from his time in Operations, leading teams across the UK. This passion spread to employee engagement in his role heading up Employee Engagement for Asda, before taking up a role with the prestigious Sunday Times Best Companies organisation, helping organisations improve their employee engagement.

He has a mug on his desk which says 'Mr Daydream', not only because he loves the Mr Men/ Little Miss series, but also because he definitley loves to think of new ideas and reflect!

In an alternate universe Amrit would be an astronaut, although he still thinks it's possible in this universe...
Katie Arnell
This is Katie’s first graduate job and she’s excited to hit the ground running and learn what its like to work within a close-knit team, as well as having the responsibility to work using her own initiative. She enjoys looking at problems from new and different angles and thinks that a healthy dose of creativity is always a useful add to the mix.

Katie has a keen interest in philosophy, having studied it at university. She has a particular interest in philosophy of art and political philosophy.

Katie’s dog, Stanley, is her best friend. She loves taking him on walks and secretly feeding him food under the table...
Kam Sandhar
Without cement holding them together, bricks would fall apart. Now we're not saying the team are bricks and Kam is the cement, but she certainly keeps things together and on track. Kam is our Operations Director working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. She has worked in Sales and Customer Service roles for the last 20 years, from working in Telesales to being a Sales Manager and working as a Recruitment Consultant. She has a wealth of experience and a common sense approach.

Kam loves history, mythology, a good murder mystery and chocolate - and if they can all be combined into one activity, it is a bonus! She also loves a good Shakespeare production which is guaranteed to make her happy.
Thomas Giles
Tom Giles has worked for over 25 years with teams across the globe, helping them define, implement and assess organisational initiatives that drive employee engagement and deliver significant business results.

A workplace trust evangelist, Tom brings a pragmatic and experienced approach to his consulting engagements, to help leaders and teams unlock their potential, and achieve collective success.
It’s all well and good talking about the need for passion, but how do we actually go about achieving it?

A lifetime working with companies big and small

Chester Zoo
Royal College of Nursing


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