At &Evolve, our approach to training lies in the TruWA™ philosophy of Trust, Wisdom and Authenticity. These are the elements that allow leaders and colleagues to unlock the motivations that drive them to succeed.



A culture of Trust is essential for everyone in an organisation. Trust in your colleagues to work with autonomy, Trust in leaders to have the right intentions, to be proactive and competent and Trust that your organisation is working towards a common goal.



Wisdom is the key to developing real knowledge and valuable experience within your role. To gain Wisdom we need a reflective practice that allows us to analyse the decisions made and their intended and unintended consequences.



Without Authenticity we can only have a superficial knowledge of what motivates and engages us. With an Authentic insight into our worldview and the things that drive and interest us, we can begin to understand our actions and interactions.

The TruWA™ Leadership approach brings better Employee Engagement and an improved Organisational Culture for high performance from leaders, colleagues and your whole organisation.
  • Wouldn't it be marvellous if you didn't have to impose sanctions and deadlines in order to get jobs done?
  • Wouldn't it be fantastic if your meetings were consistently constructive, with every voice heard?
  • Wouldn't it be amazing to feel like you and your colleagues were all working towards a clear goal for the common good?
  • Wouldn't it be great if you could relax on a Sunday evening feeling positive about work in the morning?

This is why TruWA™ matters.


With training, coaching and development from &Evolve, you can find out how the TruWA™ philosophy fosters a positive culture within the workplace, where leaders and staff feel connected to the roles they have and the goals they are trying to achieve, with positive motivation based around their skills and interests.
TruWA™ is the foundation of everything &Evolve offers, and is how you can inspire your Leaders and Workforce to care about what they do and how your organisation is growing.
With your team engaged, on board and driving towards success, there really isn't anything stopping your organisation from pushing positively into the future.

See how the TruWA™ approach will positively impact your business performance.

Developing TruWA™ Leaders within your organisation is the first step to engaging your employees and boosting your business performance. Find out more about services and strategies that will help your organisation grow with &Evolve.


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