Organisational identification and values significantly influence employees' attitudes and behaviour, impacting team dynamics and overall organisational health. To address issues of fit and cohesion, we've developed the Values Alignment Index ® and the Identity Alignment Index. This work, guided by Durham University, aims to measure and analyse identification and values levels within and between teams, contributing to strategies for fostering a cohesive, committed, and healthy workforce.



Our Values Alignment Index ® survey, consisting of four factors and 12 questions, is rooted in extensive values research. It enables measurement of alignment within individuals, teams, and across the organisation.

Values, representing what matters to us, vary in importance among individuals, influencing our interactions and behaviour. Recognising the alignment of values with colleagues and teams is crucial for fostering cohesion, harmony, and performance in the workplace.

This tool supports recruitment by gauging alignment with existing teams and enhances employee engagement by measuring values alignment between teams.


Our Identity Alignment Index survey, comprising three factors and 12 questions, is grounded in identity research, offering a measure of alignment between teams.

While work engagement can be variable and influenced by various factors, the degree of identification with our work and organisation remains more steadfast. Identification reflects how deeply we integrate our work into our sense of self. High organisational identification means our company is an integral part of who we are, fostering a commitment that endures. Unlike engagement, identification is less prone to fluctuation, making it a more predictive and valuable tool for assessing work-related behaviours and engagement.


Engagement surveys are only as good as the questions being asked. Our first stage of any engagement survey is making sure you’re tracking what’s important to your employees.

Step One (Recommended)

Cultural Diagnostics

This is an important part of understanding what’s on the minds of your employees.

We run these sessions with your employees through online calls, or face-to-face focus groups, and through a series of qualitative and quantitative questions, provide your organisation with a detailed understanding of the employee experiences across your organisation.

Our approach means we don’t need huge sample sizes but allows us to gain maximum insight.

Step Two

Survey set-up

We will work with you to develop relevant questions based upon analysis of the outputs of the Cultural Diagnostic sessions and/or any existing data you collate, to better understand how your colleagues truly feel and identify the issues getting in the way of making yours the best business it can be.

Our project management and client liaison support will ensure your survey has been set up to provide the insights to drive meaningful actions and change.

Step three

Survey Execution

We use the latest technology and platform to provide you with a branded survey, set up in a way that best works for your organisation.

Building in demographic information, and reporting structure will mean you can see the results allowing you to intervene where necessary to support your teams.

Step four


We have integrated Power BI within our reporting platform, meaning you get visually impactful reports, allowing you to tailor what the data shows, to the relevant audience.

All the reports can be downloaded as PDFs for onward distribution.

Step five

Ongoing Support

We don’t believe in leaving you with a lot of data and little clarity of what to do next.

We can work with your leadership teams to help drive meaningful action and change.

We integrate our leadership development programmes with your survey results and organisational values and purpose to create an aligned plan.


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