By Professor Richard Crisp and Amrit Sandhar

How we connect with employees is critical for organisational success - that’s why we all love employee engagement surveys.

But what if the very act of asking our employees how they feel about managers pushes them further away?

Or worse - what if the surveys we are using actually exacerbate fault-lines between managers and teams?

Even the best business strategy will fail without the right relationships in place.

Download this White Paper to think about how to:
  • Build on the psychology of intra-group relations to design employee engagement surveys that deliver meaningful data
  • Identify risk factors for disengagement, harmful silos and staff turnover
  • Uncover beneficial talents, opinions and potential within your teams
  • Leverage feedback to empower your managers and leaders
This White Paper is the first of a series of papers to challenge our thinking of how to improve organisational performance, through engaging leaders and engaging workplaces.


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